Tiered Champion Claim

Cats confirmed as Champions or Premiers and shown in the Champion or Premier class compete concurrently for the Grand Champion or Grand Premier title and the Bronze, Silver and Gold tiered level of Champion/Premier. Claiming tiered titles is optional and may be claimed as each level is achieved or for the highest level achieved if desired. Qualifications for tiered Champion/Premier awards:

Important: Before claiming a tiered Champion/Premier title, the regular Champion/Premier title must first be claimed

  • At least one win of Best or 2nd Best Champion/Premier or 3rd Best Champion or a final award of Best-15th Best Cat in either a specialty or allbreed final, and grand points as follows:
    • Bronze – 50 Grand Championship / 20 Grand Premiership
    • Silver – 100 Grand Championship / 40 Grand Premiership
    • Gold – 150 Grand Championship / 60 Grand Premiership

Registration number:

Name of Cat: