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Duplicate Certificate of Registration | Duplicate Application for Registration
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Duplicate Certificate of Registration

If you are the registered owner of a cat, you can purchase a duplicate Certificate of Registration for a $15.00 fee. Please include below as much information about the cat as is remembered/available:

Duplicate Certificate of Registration
Available ONLY to the registered owner of record

Price: $15.00 U.S. Funds

Please provide as much information below as possible:

Name of Cat:

CFA Registration Number:




Date of Birth:  

Breeder Name:

Duplicate Application for Registration

Duplicate Applications for Registration are available at no charge. As our online catalog has recently changed to real time credit card processing, we are no longer able to process orders for duplicate "blue slips" through our catalog because of the zero dollar amount owing.

If you are the breeder of a litter, you can request a duplicate Application for Registration, commonly called a "blue slip", by sending an email to CFA. Be sure to include as much of the following information as is available:

  • Litter Number
  • Breed
  • Birthdate (mm/dd/year)
  • No. of "blue slips" needed
  • Breeder Name (must be included)
  • Breeder mailing address (must be included)

NOTE: Duplicate "blue slips" will be mailed ONLY to the breeder of record.

Register Your Pedigreed Cat

If you have received a "Cat Registration Application" from the breeder, you will need the information on that form in order to submit this application to register your cat. Once you have completed and submitted the required information and paid the required fee, our staff will process the information as quickly as possible (normally within 10 working days).

All registrations are now being processed through our eCat Online Services site. On eCat, you can quickly register for a free account, and keep all your new registrations in one easy-to-access location.

Domestic Short Hair or Long Hair – Outcross Registration

To apply for the registration of a cat of UNKNOWN or UNREGISTERED background for use in an outcross breeding program, the following information is required.  If you are trying to register your Companion Cat, please visit our Companion Cat World pages.

Outcross Registration
Price: $16.00 U.S. Funds

* Name of Cat:

* Color/pattern:

* Breed to be outcrossed:

* Coat Length:  

* Sex:    

* Date of Birth:  

* Sire Name (or unknown):

* Dam Name (or unknown):

* Breeder Name (or unknown):

* Owner Name: