CFA International Cat Show and Expo - Vendor Payments

October 12-13, 2024

Our vendor coordinators this year are Lisa Highlan ( / 678-859-8502)
and Wes Gibson 614-554-0879

All 10’x10’ spaces include: 3’ side drape,8’ back drape, ID sign and wastebasket.
Package options available which include tables & chairs listed below.
Premium booths receive preferred placement, for example islands, end of row.


Booth Type

Standard 10’x10’ booth / table and chairs additional Regular $275 Premium $450
Package 1: includes 1-6’ skirted table, 2 chairs (no substitutions) Regular $375 Premium $550
Package 2: includes 1-8’ skirted table, 2 chairs (no substitutions) Regular $395 Premium $570

Electric - 10 amp @ $187, 20 amp @ $297
Chairs @ $49.00 each
Table(s) Skirted 6’ @ $119.00 each
Table(s) Skirted 8’ @ $138.00 each

Company/Vendor Name:  

Vendor Phone Number:  

Name of individual making payment:  

Description of product:  

Preferred booth location:  

Select a Vending Option - to select more than one item, please use the "back" button to return to this page to add each item.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. (CFA) shall provide space for the use of Vendor as outlined above. Vendor agrees to pay the above-stated Total Fees and to attend the show for the purpose of promoting his or her products. Sale of animals at the vending space is prohibited. Should CFA fail to hold the show as provided in this agreement, or to furnish to Vendor the space described in this agreement, it shall promptly refund to Vendor all sums paid under this agreement, and such refund shall be accepted by Vendor in full settlement of all loss or damage suffered by Vendor on account of such failure to hold the show. Vendor is responsible for the safeguarding of his or her goods from the time they are placed in his or her booth until they are removed by the vendor. CFA will not be responsible for, or guarantee to vendor, the safety of exhibit material against fire, accident, theft, or any loss or injury whatsoever. Vendor shall assume all risks associated with Vendor’s presence in the show hall and hereby releases CFA from any and all liability resulting therefrom. Vendor shall further indemnify and hold CFA harmless from and against any and all damages, liabilities and obligations arising from Vendor’s presence and activities in the show hall including, but not limited to, any attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by CFA in connection therewith. Vendor understands that by entering the premise of or participating in this event, it gives CFA and its affiliates, licensees, designees, or assignees the right to use its and its cat(s) likeness(es) derived from this event in perpetuity without additional compensation or consideration and that such likenesses may appear, at CFA’s sole dis- cretion, in many forms of media including television, Internet, print, VHS/DVD home video, or other media either currently existing or developed in the future. Vendor further warrants that it can grant this right without obtaining permission from or making a payment to a third party and that it has done so willingly and without duress.