CFA International Show - Pins and Keychains

Get your 2018 Commemorative pins and keychains for the International Cat Show now!

Order an individual pin or keychain in either design for $10.00 each. Both pin and keychain are 2" in size.

Special deal: get a 4-pack with one pin and one keychain of each design for only $35.00! (No mixing and matching to receive this deal)

Shipping for inside the U.S. is $4.00 for up to 4 items.

Shipping for outside the U.S is $15.00 for up to 4 items.

Note: If you are ordering more than 1 item, please add the FIRST item using one of the top 2 buttons (that includes the shipping charge). Then add more items to your cart using the bottom button for ADDITIONAL items (to avoid additional shipping charges).

Order FIRST item, US delivery (includes shipping charge)

Order FIRST item, Outside US delivery (includes shipping charge)

Order ADDITIONAL items 2-4 (no additional shipping charge)