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CFA Window Cling

A set of CFA Awareness Decals - two CFA logo static clings and two reflective eye decals - is now available!

The 3-1/2" CFA logo interior static cling decal, when applied to your car window, means you will be promoting the Cat Fanciers' Association wherever you travel – be it across the city, state or country, or just to the corner grocery store.

CFA Reflective EyesThe 5" highly reflective "eyes", when applied to the rear window of your car, will allow people to easily recognize a car along the side of the road as belonging to a fellow fancier who may be in need of assistance.

NOTE: A percentage from each sale will be given back to your CFA Region.

CFA Awareness Decals
Price: $10.50 U.S. Funds (ship to USA address); $11.00 (ship to non-USA address)
Postage: included


CFA Logo Zipper Pull
Price: $5.00 U.S. Funds
Shipping: $1.95 U.S. Funds


CFA Entry Forms - per hundred
Price: $3.00 U.S. Funds
Shipping: $4.00 U.S. Funds

Alternatively, orders may be faxed to 330-680-4633.
Please include your credit card details.