Household Pet Photos

You are invited to picture your Grand Household Pet (GH) or Grand Household Pet of Distinction (GHD) cat in the Cat Talk Almanac and the CFA Yearbook.

You may feature your cat in EITHER ONE OR ALL PUBLICATIONS by placing your order below and emailing only ONE photo image file.

The Yearbook and Cat Talk Almanac will publish photos in full color!

Each Yearbook features Grand Household Pets and Grand Household Pets of Distinction that achieved their title during one specific show season. The 2017 Yearbook will feature cats that have granded during the show season of May 1, 2015 through April 26, 2016. The 2017 Yearbook's deadline is August 14, 2016.

The Cat Talk Almanac features color photos of Grand Household Pets and Grand Household Pets of Distinction that achieved their title during any CFA show season. The deadline for receipt of photos is:

  • December 1 for February 2016
  • February 1 for April 2016
  • April 1 for June 2016
  • June 1 for August 2016
  • August 1 for October 2016
  • October 1 for December 2016


  • GH or GHD Photo, Cat Talk Almanac - $15.00
  • GH or GHD Photo, CFA Yearbook - $15.00
  • GH or GHD Photo, Cat Talk Almanac & CFA Yearbook - $30.00

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Please repeat the "add to cart" process to submit additional HHP photos.


Email digital photos to IMPORTANT - Please include the order number if you have paid online.

Photos must be vertical (portrait) and at least 2" wide by 3" high, 300 dpi photos (or 600 x 900 pixels). TIFF is preferrable to JPEG.

Proofs from photographers are usually not a suitable resolution or are too compressed, you must ask the photographer for an image appropriate for Cat Talk's Grandstand requirements.

If you scan a photo, scans should be done at 100% and 300 dpi.

We reserve the right to reject photos that are of questionable quality. We also reserve the right to crop and/or reduce pictures as necessary to conform to the Household Pet Feature format

Alternatively, orders may be faxed to 330-680-4633.
Please include your credit card details.