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Kitten Scoring Fee

Kittens will be scored for Regional/National Awards if entered and competing in accordance with the show rules, AND which have been individually registered and whose registration number has been either entered in the master catalog prior to the close of the show OR provided to Central Office NO LATER THAN 5P.M. EASTERN TIME ON THE TUESDAY IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE SHOW along with the $25.00 fee.


Kitten Scoring Fee
Price: $25.00

Entry Number:

Show - Club Name:

Kitten Name:

Registration Number:

Expedite Kitten Registration Application plus Kitten Scoring Fee
Paperwork submitted but not yet processed by CFA,
or paperwork sent via expedited service to arrive before 5PM Tuesday
Price: $25.00 Expedite Fee + $25.00 Scoring Fee

Entry Number:

Show - Club Name:

Kitten Name:

Annual Club Dues

A club's fee of $120.00 for membership and insurance surcharge and current membership list must be received in the Central Office as of February 1 each year in order to be eligible to vote in CFA elections.

NOTE: Central Office is now authorized to accept membership lists and documentation to change your club secretary via FAX (330-680-4633) and Email from the club secretary's email address. If you send a fax or email please do not send another copy in the mail.

Club Dues
Price: $120.00

Club Name:

Clerking Program Biennial Dues

The biennial dues are $20.00

Clerking Program Biennial Dues
Price: $20.00 (two year period)

Clerk Name:

Clerk Number:

Annual Judges Fee

The Judges Fee is $30.00 (increase effective Jan.1.2010) annually and payment must be received by Central Office no later than the first business day of January each year.

CFA Annual Judge Fee
$30.00 per year
Deadline for receipt: the first business day of January annually.

Judging Application Fee

The Judging Application Fee is $200.00.

CFA Judging Application Fee

Judging Applicant Name:

Breed Council Membership - Renewal Fee

In accordance with the standing rules of The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. Breed Council, membership in the 2016 Breed Council may be completed using the Rapid Renewal Process. Only persons who have previously qualified by virtue of breeding a Grand Champion or Grand Premier of the appropriate breed/division may renew their Breed Council membership using this form.

DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT IS AUGUST 1, 2016. (Membership year 5/1/16 - 4/30/17)

CFA Breed Awareness & Orientation School Registration Fee

The CFA Breed Awareness & Orientation School is open to anyone who may someday plan to apply to the CFA Judging Program as well as those serious CFA breeders who may desire a better understanding of the judging process and the other recognized breeds with which they do not work.

Hong Kong, February 23, 24 & 25, 2017 (school flier):

The CFA Breed Awareness & Orientation School will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, February 23-27, 2017 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, in association with the CFA Hong Kong Black Cat Club cat show.

This school has FILLED - no more reservations accepted at this time