A hearty "thanks" to all who continue to provide support, through their generous donations, to the areas below:

Sy Howard Legislative Fund | Breeder Assistance & Breed Rescue Fund | CFA Foundation
Outreach & Education | Winn Feline Foundation


Donations to the Sy Howard Legislative Fund are used by the Cat Fanciers' Association to fight coercive legislation. The fund was established to insure the protection and continuation of all breeds of pedigreed cats. 

We have all seen the ripple effect of passed legislation. At the present time, legislation which would have some impact on the breeder/owner is pending in several states and on the federal level. Experience tells us the more of this legislation there is, the more publicity it gets and the more likely it is to spread to other areas. Donations are requested to the fund to "stem the tide." If we can be effective in avoiding misdirected legislation, whenever and wherever it is proposed, and work to develop alternatives to restrictive laws and legislation which truly address the homeless animal problems, then all pet owners will benefit

Sy Howard Legislative Fund - Full Information

CFA Sy Howard Legislative Fund Donation
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The Breeder Assistance Program was established to help breeders who find themselves overwhelmed and in need of either permanent, or temporary, assistance. The Breed Assistance Program also administers the Food Pantry Program.

CFA Breeder Assistance Donation
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The Outreach & Education Committee's overall goals are:

  • Establish CFA as a primary information resource on cats
  • Provide feline educational programs and events
  • CatsCenterstage Project - a website to promote respect for all cats
  • Increase involvement in CFA activities

Committee objectives are "to promote respect for all cats - random-bred, pedigreed and feral through participation, education, communication and advocacy."

How you can help: Donations from clubs, CFA Regions or individuals will enable the Committee to expand our efforts to train speakers for shelter staff workshops, provide webinars with in-depth topics of interest to breeders, exhibitors, cat show producers and pet owners. We need funds for speakers to do education at cat shows and Pet Expos and other special projects. With your help, we can reach the general public to expand their knowledge of all cats, raise awareness of cat shows, agility, the value of breeding pedigreed cats and the fun of communicating with other cat lovers by being part of the CFA community.

CFA Outreach & Education
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