Cat Talk Advertising
Cat Talk Almanac is a magazine that captures the many voices of CFA. With its first-person view, Cat Talk Almanac serves as the heart and soul of the CFA exhibitor. Through its intent as a member-driven publication, Cat Talk Almanac is dedicated to reflecting the organization's diverse membership and wide range of interests.

Submit payment for your Cat Talk Advertising here. Send your ads contents including text, images and special instructions to:

Advertisement Specs:

  • All pricing is for color or black/white ads
  • Full page ad size is 7.5" wide x 10" high
  • Full page bleed (extends off page edges) size is 8.75" wide x 11.25" high. If the photo is to bleed, the photo needs to extend @ .125" off the edges of the page
  • Half page ad size is 7.5 wide" x 4.75" high
  • Quarter page ad size is 3.625" wide x 4.75" high

NOTE: All ads are subject to approval of content by the Cat Talk Almanac Editorial Board.

Cattery Advertising Prices

  • Full Page (Color or b&w): $300
  • Half Page (Color or b&w): $200
  • Quarter Page (Color or b&w): $100
  • Eighth Page (Color or b&w)(i.e. Business Card): $50
  • July 1 for August 2014
  • August 1 for October 2014
  • October 1 for December 2014
  • December 1 for February 2015
  • February 1 for April 2015
  • April 1 for June 2015

Select an Advertising Option:

Alternatively, orders may be faxed to 330-680-4633.
Please include your credit card details.